Decorator Hardware

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We often recommend Decorator Hardware as a great addition to the rooms’ décor. It becomes a part of the window treatment by bringing attention to it. Wood, wrought iron, and stainless steel and glass are used to make beautiful, innovative window hardware.

Decorator Hardware begins with a decorator rod which consists of the following :

  • The pole is what the drapery treatment hangs on and is the most visible part of the hardware. The poles come in many different sizes from ½” diameter to 3” diameter and are usually fabricated from wood, or metal.
  • The rings are what the drapery is attached to.The rings slide over the pole so the drape can be opened and closed if desired. The rings usually match the color of the pole.
  • The brackets usually match the pole color, are usually not as visible as the pole and can sometimes be hidden altogether.
  • The finials are decorative end caps for the pole. They ensure that the drapery will stay on the pole and they are usually visually stimulating as they can be the most visible part of the hardware.Finials can be quite plain or very ornate and are usually fabricated from wood, metal, plastic, glass, or any combination of these.
  • The tiebacks are used to gather the drapery treatment off the window and soften the look of the treatment. Tiebacks can be quite ornate and are usually made from metal for strength.

Many things should be considered when purchasing decorative hardware. Drapery length, weight, and fabric, ceiling height, and drapery style should all be taken into account. Larger diameter rods are required for tall heavy drapes to avoid sagging and to keep everything in proportion. If a smaller rod is used on a high drape it may not get noticed. Using a large rod on a small treatment can also be out of proportion.

Not only are decorator rods visually stimulating but they can also be cost effective as well. A good quality decorator pole can be quite costly but is usually less expensive that a separate valance treatment. Decorator hardware should be considered as a fashion accessory much like a belt or handbag in a ladies wardrobe, or jewelry for the home.

We supply Kirsch and many other lines of hardware to fit any budget or decorating need. Call us or drop by our showroom to view our extensive collections of decorator hardware samples.