Busted! Don’t Believe These Window Treatment Myths!

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Window treatments and coverings can change the appearance of your room. A wrong choice and you could be left with mismatched interiors. Selecting a window covering with the right features and style is best left to the expertise of a professional.

A window treatment specialist will work with you to find the perfect window covering solution to match your décor and budget. Although they have the necessary qualifications and immense product knowledge, there are pervasive myths and misconceptions relating to the field that put off many homeowners from investing in them.

To avoid missing out on the opportunity of seeking professional help and to make more informed decisions, KNS Window Fashions have dispelled three of the most widely believed window treatment myths.

Myth 1: Working with a window covering specialist or interior designer is expensive. 
Purchasing window coverings for a house can be costly but not due to the vendors as most offer competitive pricing. When working with a designer, you pay for their time and expertise. It can take many hours and in-depth research to find correct products that fit your needs and wants. Shopping online or at a box store may save you a few dollars, but you are on your own with no one to blame if there is a problem down the road. Ideally, it would be best if you look for a reputable window covering specialist as these vendors have the experience and knowledge to assist you without the designer fees.

Myth 2: Shopping online is more affordable. 
Many people believe that shopping online is less expensive as the overheads are smaller, and the buying power of the box stores allows them to offer better pricing. This may occur in some cases, but you must factor in shipping costs, research time, as well as installation options and warranty issues. When shopping online or at a box store, the onus is on the purchaser to provide the proper information to ensure a satisfactory result.

Working with a window covering specialist such as KNS Window fashions eliminates these issues, and usually, we can offer competitive pricing. If you are making a purchase for a temporary situation or if you know what you need, then it may make sense. However, if you are making a long-term buy, consulting a professional will save you money and time.

Myth 3: Look for the lowest cost option in window treatments. 
A common mistake clients make is that they shop for price instead of quality and avoid research required to make the best purchase possible. This can be corrected if you contact a window covering specialist before selecting a window covering. Any reputable vendor will be happy to assist you and provides you with the information required for your needs and wants. They will also be glad to give you an estimate. Armed with their knowledge, you can then make your online purchase with confidence, at a box store, or from a window covering specialist.

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